Health Care – Countdown to Detonation

We are at a critical juncture in Our Nation’s history.  The timer continues to count down.  The Health Care System of the United States of America – is about to be Blown Up. It seems there is not a thing we can do about it. Only a small window of time is left.  If the wrong move is made – it could mean disaster for all of us and we may never recover.

 Tough Decisions Before.

 As a Country, we have faced tough decisions before and we have done the right thing; I trust that the Issue before Members of Congress will be no different. 

It is amazing how the words of Alexander Hamilton, written more than 200 years ago in Federalist No. 1 still apply today:  

 “The subject speaks its own importance; comprehending in its consequences nothing less than the existence of the UNION, the safety and welfare of the parts of which it is composed, the fate of an empire in many respects the most interesting in the world.”

 Regarding the Intentions of those on either side of the Health Care Debate – paraphrasing the words of Alexander Hamilton:

 I have known many good and wise on the wrong side of an issue and likewise – I have known those who are right yet hold the wrong intentions – let us put all that aside and discuss the matter that is before us.

 How We got Here.

 How we got here is most likely because we placed Our Trust in things untrustworthyProper placement of Trust is a discussion for another day.

 Suffice it to say that ice, thick or thin, looks much the same on the Surface. Though, once we hear a crack and find ourselves on thin ice – it matters not how we got there, but let us get back on solid ground.

 A simple way to explain how we are often lead astray, is to consider the famous optical illusion of the young woman and old lady. There are many other examples. Sometimes our mind locks onto one image and can’t see the other. This is called a scotoma or perceptual blind spot.

 A question to ponder is:  How do we know that the things we feel so passionately about are the way that they seem at all – how do we know we aren’t missing something or being misled?

We have to be aware of the tricks our mind can play on ourselves and also the tricks others play on us to get us to buy something, to cast our vote a certain way or whatever.

 Many involved in the Health Care Debate are suffering from an Evidentiary Scotoma – all  the evidence is there but they do not see it.

 These are Critical Times.

 Even in our modern world, some will give up their very lives for the promise of a young woman or many – on the other side. Most haven’t considered: Why is it that those sending others on suicide missions, decline for themselves to go on the journey, if it is so great?  What if a suicide bomber, moments before blowing themselves up, had the chance to see the Truth of what Really is on the other side?  Seeing an old lady instead – what would they decide? To blow themselves up based on a lie?  Of course not.

 The FOX Hit Show 24 – just had an episode where a suicide bomber learned the Truth and was trying to do the right thing, yet the race was on because, those with ill intent could remotely detonate the explosive vest.

 We too face a Critical Situation, where more of us are learning the Truth of what is actually in the thousands of pages of Health Care Legislation and yet the Control is not with us and time is running out.

 I believe it was Wayne Dyer who told this story –

 There once was a wise man who knew all things, who came across another man who tried to trip him up by asking, “Hidden in my hands I hold a little bird.  Tell me wise man, is the bird dead or alive?” The wise man recognized the question as a trick, he knew if he said the bird was dead, the man would open his hands and the bird would fly away;  if he said the bird was alive, the man would crush the bird and it would be dead. With that, the wise man replied, “You hold the Truth in your hands.”

 We don’t know how Democrats will proceed regarding the fate of Our Health Care System, Our Freedom and More. Specifically, do they vote Yes or do they vote No? Reconciliation, Deem and Pass, how will they vote, what will they do? The Truth is in their hands.

 Catch 22 for Wise Men (and Women).

 Democrats are truly in a Catch 22 situation with the decision that is before them:

 If they Vote YES:  They face the wrath of many angry People, a protracted Court battle for Violation of the Constitution Article 1 Section 7 and/or usurping States and Individual Rights under the Tenth Amendment; they can expect many more angry calls and protests directed at them and their staff;  likely no hope of future cooperation from Republicans;  the passing of Legislation that violates their own Principles and that may never be remedied;  the implementing of what is arguably an unworkable, unsustainable centralized solution that neglects to include, even the very basics of Real REFORM.

 If they Vote NO:  Their career and possibly their whole public service life will be dead.  They will not receive any Democratic support and they will be ostracized from the Party. Crossing over to the Republican side probably won’t work for them because of the real and fundamental differences between the Parties, even apart from the Progressive Movement.

 Voting NO also means, like the President has stated: Healthcare Reform will be dead for at least ten more years. I believe he is correct, in light of all the craziness that has surrounded this issue. In the end the People will lose the Real Reforms that we all want.  On the Bright side, I believe as most Citizens believe, Killing the Bill means Our Country and Our Freedom get to Survive – though I realize this Truth is not shared by All.

 There obviously are different Passionate views on both sides.  So, how could we have a Happy Ending to the Story?  You know, an ending where the wise man is still wise; both the bird and the bomber have new life and we all live happily ever after? Well here’s an idea…

 Sticking with our metaphors, Democrats do hold the power in their hands and yet how do we disable the explosive vest without the guys holding the remote detonator, finding out what we are up to? First of all, who are “the guys” on the trigger? They aren’t guys at all – it is the PROCESS itself that is Out of Control.  And CONTROL is precisely what can used – to get Control Back.

 Diffusing the Bomb.

 An Important note to Democrats:

Don’t make any sudden movements, don’t press any buttons and please – don’t Vote just yet.

 First, we have to buy some time, there are many Right reasons for buying time: reviewing CBO numbers, needing time to Read and Review the many pages, wrestling with the Violation of Principles (abortion, special deals, other unacceptable language), Using a Questionable Method to Advance the Bill, thinking about the overwhelming number of negative (even threatening) calls logged from Constituents and Other people, having a Change of Heart or Anything else that fits and is real for you. 

 It’s been said by the President that, if this legislation does not get passed – Health Care Reform won’t get done for 10 or more years. He probably is correct, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

 We should not Force the Wrong Solution, just to have a Solution – with all the Negatives that are attached.

 Why not put the Best Solution in Place?  Where we are NOW is the Perfect place to make this happen. We ALL feel the stress of what is before us.  Let’s use that stress to Force us to the Best Solution. How do we get there?

 I suggest that the House draft a Resolution and submit it for a Vote – along the lines of a Conditional Agreement to Kill the Bill. Contained within it should be a clause similar to the following:

 WARNING: The count-down sequence will continue – if certain conditions are not met!

 Acceptable replacement Legislation must be drafted by a specified time – no Special Deals, no Federal Funding for abortion as a minimum, but then also including: those other things that most Agree are necessary for REAL Reform.

 When it is agreed that the Acceptable Replacement Legislation is drafted and voted upon – the critical detonator wire will be Deemed as being Cut and the Bomb will be diffused

We will then have the Real Health Care Reform that we want and We the People inside and outside the Beltway will be a whole lot happier.

 We are up against the Clock here – let’s get this done!

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ObamaCare Bill Should Take The Same Route As Hurricane Bill

The President tried, like a stealth submarine travelling in the calmness of the deep, to push through what he called a health care reform bill without (as he promised) Americans being on board and involved in the process. Although being fueled by various chosen special interest groups and a crew of his own choosing, Obama’s efforts fortunately got tangled in the weeds and stalled.

Americans learned for themselves the true intent of the Bill – the government takeover of health care with a serious assault on Our Freedom. The President’s sub was forced to the surface, where he made his own pleas – and although sincere and touching stories were also heard – the words ObamaCare were clearly now readable on the side.

No longer traveling undetected and with poll numbers falling like a steel lug nut in the ocean, the President decided to take the advice of his advisors and pulled into a refuge near Martha’s Vineyard.  Conditions continued to be rough – as a “Bill” of a different kind followed him.

Although Hurricane Bill will eventually die out as the President wraps up his retreat, he will find that, just as a hurricane lulls only to re-energize stronger – when it crosses over the panhandle into the warm waters of the gulf – so too will the intensity of the public storm re-energize even stronger with regard to ObamaCare.

The intensity of this storm will not diminish until ObamaCare is permanently dry-docked – then and only then – can the damage possibly be repaired, that the President has done, to the public trust and the conversation regarding real health care reform truly can begin.

If however, the President chooses to continue to ignore the Will of the People, regroup with his special interest allies and launch a renewed campaign to have the House and Senate push through ObamaCare – the damage to America’s heartland and Our Freedom will be greater than Katrina and we will ALL experience first-hand, just how bad the Government’s delivery system of care really is.

In any event, the American People will have the final say as to whether the political fate of those in support of ObamaCare in any form, independent of political party, will meet the same fate as all hurricanes – in 2010, 2012 and beyond – and they just go away.

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Watch for Skinny Bob in the Debate on Health Care Reform

I was participating in an online forum the other day explaining why government run health care is a bad idea and what’s in HR3200 being rushed through the Congress. 

 People were participating back and forth. Some had read the bill, others had not. Talking about the specifics and how crazy it was, all of a sudden from out of nowhere a guy chimes in, “Oh sure, if Bush would have done this you wouldn’t have cared”.  I thought where the heck is this guy coming from? Then it occurred to me – it might be Bob.

 About twenty years ago my brother had a messy haired, skinny roommate named Bob who would like to mess with people – just to mess with them.  An area he would like to do this was driving.

 If someone was trying to merge onto the highway – Bob would speed up so they couldn’t merge or he’d pull into the fast lane and slow down to block a guy from passing – if the guy would ride his bumper – he would slow down more, if they’d flash their lights – he’d tap his brakes.  If Bob saw someone with a fish symbol on their bumper he would especially love that – he would do what ever he could to try and get them to be mad because he believed Christians believed they could not get angry (wrong assumption).

 He would come home from work and report to my brother his “successes” – “got two fish and a merger today” or “got flipped off by a fish guy today” and he would laugh…

 He’d mess with other people as well – he’d call into the local talk radio show and tell the call screener his on topic message and then when he got on the air, he’d talk about something completely different or try to embarrass the host. He did this one time while my brother was in the other room listening to the radio and my brother too got a big kick out of it.

 My brother told me about embarrassing the radio host and I didn’t think it was funny and couldn’t believe my brother would be a part of it. For the next couple years my brother started messing with people too and he became a different person. He just didn’t seem to care as much about people anymore. Then one day I was riding in his car and he actually slowed down to let someone merge. I was shocked and asked him, “Why didn’t you speed up and mess with them?” and he said, “I don’t do that anymore” and when I asked why he said, “It just doesn’t feel good.” 

 My brother went back to school and got an engineering degree and a good job.  Years later he ran into skinny Bob who’d lost some hair but not much else had changed – it was like he was stuck in time – he complained about the same dead end job, hung out at the same places and still had the same attitude that – people owed him something.

When my brother asked if he was still messing with people he said, “Yeah but I haven’t done it while driving in a while (seems he ticked off the wrong guy in a pickup truck) – now I do it online – there I can be anyone but the goal is the same…

I remember hearing the phrase, “there are only three jerks in the whole world but the problem is – they move around a lot”. Bob is one of those jerks. So whether you’re driving or having a serious discussion about the government take over of health care, remember not to take it too personally – it just might be Bob. 

If you meet Bob while driving why not wave but this time in a polite way – with all your fingers up, together and with you thumb in your palm – that’s the deaf sign for a “B” and he’ll get the message.  If you’re online and find yourself trying to talk with a loon – it just might be Bob. Why not ask, “Bob is that you?” or just “bob?” or just say hi in the most appropriate way – he may not reply and he may continue – but for him, his game will be a little less fun.

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10 Steps Back With Health Care Reform

Instead of discussing the particulars of any health care reform bill that has been crafted behind closed doors, why not take 10 (or more) steps back to ask some basic questions…

 #1  What steps have to be taken to involve the public with the process, to have open and honest debate and to end special interest deals made behind closed doors?

 #2  Besides the public in general, who are the other stakeholders in the health care system and how are their interests being represented and equitably respected?

 #3  What are the things that are right and wrong with the existing health care system and to what extent do we want targeted vs. overall reforms?

 #4  What role do we want government (Federal, State and Local) to play in any health care system and how can reforms be made without adding layers of bureaucracy or sacrificing liberty, privacy or the quality of care?

 #5  What role does economic status play in the ability or inability to access the current health care system and how can or do existing community programs address this?

 #6  How do the numbers break down: number of subgroups of people that do not have health insurance, cost of insurance as percentage of income, costs of reform and so on?

 #7  Since it is not possible for every neighborhood to have a Mayo or Cleveland Clinic and – under any system – some people will be denied access to the BEST care – how are disparities reconciled?

 #8  All health care relies heavily on the judgments of many – the patient, the doctor, the treatment options, the payer (now with the greatest leverage) – by increasing the government’s payer role, where does the added money come from and since it is not possible for ALL patients to get EVERY available treatment, who decides who gets what?

 #9  When the system is strained, how are scarce resources allocated and protection absolutely assured for the disabled, the elderly and others who need care?

 #10  What other questions should we be asking to optimize our health care system?

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Health Care Reform Is Dead

YES we DO need health care reform. NO we DO NOT need (nor want) the government to take over the entire health care system. We DO NOT need another PR campaign nor to be SOLD something that was (or is being) crafted behind closed doors. We DO NOT need another focus group, town hall meeting, opinion poll, survey or group selected to represent our interests.

 On the campaign trail it was promised that there would be NO MORE “politics as usual” and that the public would have a “seat at the table” regarding health care reform. The PROCESS was to be televised. What are we now getting? Politics as usual.

 The public is LOCKED OUT again and being told by those guarding the door: “No I’m sorry, you can’t peek inside. Only certain people and those special interests chosen are allowed inside. Just trust us. We know what’s good for you and your family.”

 The President and other leaders have the power to take the hinges off the doors on this issue TODAY or just continue in the same old way. The TRUST to deliver the “hope and change” that was promised is eroding by the day – and as far as I’m concerned, until public TRUST is restored, it doesn’t matter what is said, health care reform is dead.

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Watch for the “Bait and Switch” or “Shell Game” Strategy

I have not read the official playbook but here is what seems to be another strategy that may be playing out called the Bait and Switch or Shell Game Strategy – not sure, but watch and listen for it.

 It works this way:

 Release a document to the public – in this case, the draft of a bill.

  1. Announce that there are numerous versions (of the bill) floating around – not all are public (of course because they’re being worked on).
  2. Announce that these are “working drafts” and that no one has yet signed on to any particular one.
  3. Let the public and the opposition hash out (and attack) the good and the bad of the public bill – revise the behind-the-scenes bill(s) as necessary and draft rebuttals.
  4. Announce that progress is being made on the bills and that they are moving through the process – without referring to a specific bill – also announce milestone votes.
  5.  When people criticize a particular part of the bill – stop them and ask which version they are talking about – when they can’t tell you, move on to something else or say, “that’s not in the current or latest version”.
  6. When the timing is right (especially when something else is happening in the news cycle), strategically release the final bill and quickly move it to a vote.
  7. Remember the goal is to get something passed – it can get amended and expanded later – the public has a short memory.

 President Obama promised the public a seat at the health care reform table. The proceedings were to be televised. Things were not to be politics as usual. Certain special interest groups have had access but the public is still locked out. Some want to silence the voices of ordinary citizens.  Something as far-reaching as the government overhaul of the healthcare system that reaches into the private lives of every citizen, needs to be public.

See the CBS News Article: 

 Transparency Lacking in Health Care Reform Battle

 Release of the behind-the-scenes documents to this point and open the doors to the public from this point on. I believe the word is transparency – not transparency after it’s done, transparency while it’s being done. Ask your representative(s) for this to be done.

 Other strategies you might not know about, can be found here

 Read the Bill – Make Some Calls – Get Involved

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The 14 Beliefs for Government Run Health Care

Upcoming Article: Where these 14 Beliefs are Misplaced.  I don’t need much help on this one, but if you’d like to weigh in, it’s being discussed here (click to follow link).

  1. We believe there are many inefficiencies in the existing system that waste money and by cleaning this up the government can use the savings to pay for a new health care system – that all Americans can be proud to be a part of.
  2. We believe more government in our lives is ok. Government is already a big part of our lives and continues to grow anyway and it should be in our lives on an issue as important as health care.
  3. We believe government and those in power have our best interests in mind and will not misuse their power when accessing the personal, private health and financial information of our family – there will be safeguards.
  4. We believe under the new system, health care decisions will be made fairly, handled with compassion and that complaints will be handled promptly – something that people have had problems with under the existing system.
  5. We believe the existing health care system is broken because all people don’t have access to the best care because they can’t afford it – all people deserve the best care in this great country.
  6. We believe the existing health care system is broken because all people don’t have insurance.
  7. We believe insurance companies mistreat their customers regarding the cost of insurance, exclusion of existing conditions, denial of claims and in other ways all in the name of making a profit.
  8. We believe insurance companies are middlemen in the existing system who bring little to the table and if they go out of business, they had a good ride while it lasted.
  9. We believe doctors and other health care providers may have to take a pay cut but they can afford it and most of them became doctors and providers to help people.
  10. We believe the existing health care system is broken because of lawsuits, lawyers and drug company profits, but those are separate issues that can be fixed later.
  11. We believe its ok that the one that oversees the government plan also oversees, regulates and can sanction private plans, this job will be done fairly.
  12. We believe in spite of the government’s track record running other programs that this program will be different and well run, the American people will demand it.
  13. We believe that yes certain strategies are being used on the public to get this health care bill through and there are special interests involved behind the scenes but so what, that’s just part of the way things are done, both sides do it.
  14. We believe that ANY health care reform bill passed will be a victory for the American people and once the public learns how good it is for them, we can change and expand it. 

Upcoming Article: Where these 14 Beliefs are Misplaced.  I don’t need much help on this one, but if you’d like to weigh in, it’s being discussed here (click to follow link).

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How Clearly Can We Say It – We Don’t Want Government Run Health Care

Imagine waking up tomorrow and finding Uncle Sam sleeping next to you. As much as you may love this country, this would be a surprise. Upon waking he tells you that he will be living with you from now on but you will like it and he will make life easier for you.

 You get up to find he’s rearranged your whole house and when you don’t appreciate what he’s done, HE gets angry and says YOU are crazy. You open the fridge to find he’s gone shopping and paid using your debit card to buy things he thinks you will like and that are healthy for you. You ask him to leave but he won’t, he goes on to tell you that this is what’s best for you, things will be fine. The doorbell rings and they’re his friends – they’ve come over to calm you down and sell you on the plan…

 There are numerous health care bills/plans floating around.  No matter if you wake up with Uncle Sam sleeping next to you or in the other room, the way the rest of the story plays out is the same and it is nothing compared to the massive personal freedom and family privacy that will be given up under government run health care. 

 Read the Bill – Make Some Calls – Get Involved.

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One “Fishy” Email Is Why I Got Involved

One “fishy” email is why I joined this forum and started this blog:

 Last week I thought the health care debate was just another politics as usual thing until a friend emailed me about what the healthcare bill actually says.

 Reading the email I thought – this can’t be true – the American public would never allow this amount of government intrusion into their private lives – my friend is just forwarding an email without knowing the facts. But this didn’t make sense, he’s someone who I trust and respect – I’ve gotten bogus, made up emails before but never from him.

 So I decided to look through the text of the bill for myself and check a few points – I could not believe it – what my trusted friend was saying was true.  I thought, no wonder the democrats didn’t want this thing being read and if they pull this one off, it will be the most far reaching government intrusion into the lives of private citizens in US history.

 I scrolled through the bill and learned it was not just about “reading the bill”.  Many references were to other laws and regulations we already have. I knew from my personal experience in writing specifications for private industry, the changing of one word can change the entire meaning of what’s written and I suspect when it comes to government regulations, the changing an “or” to an “and” could cost billions.

 I also knew that one person was not responsible for writing the bill and that like other bills, it was the work of many special interest groups willing to contribute to political campaigns in exchange for (wink wink) well, you know.  I thought it would be nice to know who the special interests were, what they wrote and what’s in it for them. But that’s the subject of another post: Make the Behind the Scenes Health Care Reform Documents Public.

 Besides knowing who was responsible for writing the bill, I also wanted to know who would be responsible under the bill after it became law. So I searched the .pdf document for the word “duties” (you can do this for yourself) and again, I couldn’t believe what I found out for myself.  Here’s what I found:

 A new Health Benefits Advisory Committee would be formed made up of:

 The Surgeon General – appointed by the Obama;

(A) 9 (non-Federal employee) members appointed by Obama;

(B) 9 members appointed by Comptroller General who is – appointed by Obama;

(C) Additional (Federal employee) members (up to eight) – appointed by Obama.

 A new executive branch agency (under Obama) would be created called the Health Choices Administration headed by a Health Choices Commissioner that is (you guessed it) – appointed by Obama.

 The Obama appointed Commissioner shall establish its own plan standards, establish and operate the Health Insurance Exchange, determine the eligibility and administrate individual affordability credits and more.

 The Obama appointed Commissioner would also determine the frequency of and conduct audits (of plans that compete with the Government Plan it oversees) and determine the amount of the audit fees it charges and charge those fees to the competing audited plans.

 The Obama appointed Commissioner would collect data to determine how well itself is doing and “may” share data with the Obama appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services.

 The Obama appointed Commissioner would issue sanctions against those not in compliance with the standards it sets (for plans that may compete with the Government Plan it oversees).

 The Obama appointed Commissioner would provide the standard definitions for medical and other words used in health insurance coverage.

 The Obama appointed Commissioner would issue its own regulations to carry out its own duties.

 The Obama appointed Commissioner shall “consult with” (definition: to ask the advice or opinion of) others in carrying out Commissioner’s duties.

 The Obama appointed Commissioner shall appoint a Qualified Health Benefits Plan Ombudsman to receive complaints from individuals regarding the Plan overseen by itself.

 There shall be a “Special Inspector General” to oversee and “protect the integrity of” the Health Insurance Exchange, as well as the health and welfare of participants in the Exchange that is also Obama appointed.

 The Obama appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services would appoint an ombudsman for the public health insurance option.

 The Obama appointed Secretary would also establish a new Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research.

 The Center would be overseen by a new commission appointed by  the Obama appointed Secretary.

 The Center would be overseen by a new commission appointed by  the Obama appointed Secretary.

 Of course the Center and Commission would be subject to periodic audit by the Obama appointed Comptroller General.

 The Commission may appoint an Executive Director (subject to the approval of the Obama appointed Secretary).

 All people are directly or indirectly appointed by Obama.

 I put all the above into an email together with footnotes referencing where the text was in the bill.  I was going to email my friend but first I wanted to email it to myself to see how it was formatted and read, but after I sent it, I didn’t receive it. A half hour went by and still no email. I sent it again – nothing.

 I am not a “big brother”, conspiracy type but I thought maybe the number of times Obama was mentioned caused my email to be intercepted or something. So I took all the same info and made it into a .jpg photo, attached it to a new email, sent it and it went right through.  The original text emails finally arrived one hour and fifteen minutes and an hour and a half later.

 I dismissed the above as a glitch or maybe it was a national security red flag type of thing – so what, whatever.  Now with the White House collecting “fishy” emails, I wonder what’s up.

 Anyway I’ve called my representatives only to hear the same canned answers. I’ve seen people’s honest concerns ignored – all to push something through that if people knew how it affects them, they would not want it.  I have talked to my democratic friends and they don’t even want it. Many are learning that the hope and change that they thought they voted for – is not what they’re getting. 

 Words like transparency and eliminating conflicts of interest are just words if they are not structurally part of the process. Transparency is not crafting behind the scenes legislation involving special interests without letting the public in on what it is and how it will affect them.  Transparency is not ignoring citizens questions by calling them angry mobs or paid political operatives of the insurance industry.  Eliminating conflicts of interest, doesn’t mean including the words in the bill itself while structuring it so that one person appoints everybody; or that the person in charge of running the government plan also oversees and has the power to regulate and sanction private plans; or the person to receive complaints from citizens about the government plan is actually hired by and reports to the same person running the government plan.  This is crazy.

 I don’t believe the answer to our health care and insurance problems is to rework the whole thing and put it under government control or the appointments of one person, I don’t care if that person is republican or democrat. Fix what’s broken and leave the rest alone. Hopefully the fishy email I sent to my trusted friend will find its way to the White House and genuine citizen concerns are no longer ignored.

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Make the Behind the Scenes Health Care Reform Documents Public

Having been personally involved in writing specifications and regulatory changes on committees in the past, I know a little about the process.

Every proposed clause has an author and a rationale, a reason, for its adoption.

Those on the committee know and take into consideration the source and know their biases, the agenda they might be pushing and so on.

Why you might ask:

Other than for partisan reasons, why would the committee allow someone with a blatant bias to be on the committee? One reason is they may have expertise in a particular area, that others on the committee don’t have, in order to write the language of a particular section.

Members have an understanding they need to check their conflicts of interest at the door while doing their work, but in their mind they know who pays them to be there.

We all have biases and many of us are blindly driven by them. In order to have a more intelligent debate on this most important issue we need to see what is now a secret.

In fairness to all of us who sincerely want a better system (as apposed to just winning on an issue), lets open the doors to that which has been kept behind closed doors for way too long.

We should demand from our leaders to: Make the Behind the Scenes Health Care Reform Documents Public

For each passage of text the public needs to know: who authored it, their affiliation, the rationale, cost, effect, etc.

One final note:

We should not be intimidated by the bill’s 1,000+ pages. Nor the 10,000+ pages this demand may result in. The text was not written by one person nor does it have to be reviewed by one person. There is a lot at stake here – the changing of an “or” to an “and” can cost Billions – and we’re far from the point of looking at individual words.