Just a few Questions in Four Areas..

God – Guidance – Government and Good Stuff

1. God
a. Because it’s a long time, is my forever secure?
b. Before I was conceived, what dream did God have for me?
c. How might I too be called ~ a friend of God?
2. Guidance
a. Where do I want to go and how fast do I want to get there?
b. Where am I and do I have a true assessment of all the areas?
c. What’s my best Success Path and how can I stay on that Path?
3. Government
a. What role should Government play in our lives and why?
b. How can we enable more to be Independent and Self-Reliant?
c. What’s the best Pathway back to more Limited Government?
4. Good Stuff
a. In my life, what am I grateful for that I might not even realize?
b. What good stuff would I like to leave behind for future kids?
c. If my true Reward is in Heaven, how best should I live?

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