Making the MSM Obsolete

In order to make the Mainstream Media Obsolete or to have them Change their Ways, there must be consequences for their bad behavior.  Say they fail to report on a story (i.e. Benghazi-gate) or they doctor a 911 transcript to make the subject seem racist, viewers might heat up the phone lines for a while but they don’t seem to get the message.

Right now there is little MSM accountability to the viewers.  Why that is has to do with how they get paid.  As most know, the MSM gets paid based on the number of viewers watching but I believe their “measurement model” is flawed.  Pure Viewer numbers do not differentiate between an intelligent, successful married couple on a couch from three broke stoners on a couch; in fact, a pad with three broke stoners yields a 50% higher “Pure Viewership” rating. The MSM just wants the numbers.

Consider this analogy:  a mall that uses entry turn styles to measure mall traffic and then sets the lease rates based on these numbers – this is a flawed model.  When an adjacent, once upscale condo complex degrades into low-income housing the turn-style numbers may actually increase and the mall manager may tout these increases as justification for an increase in rent.  The model may not reflect it, but merchants know the truth, mall traffic doesn’t equal mall sales and the tape total doesn’t lie.  With lease payments going up and sales going down – stores move out and the mall closes.

Now I am not saying that the existing TV Viewership/Mall Shopper models are as simple as described above however, there can be deficiencies in the various models and unless they are addressed, even well-established, successful companies risk becoming extinct.  The free-enterprise system may seem unfair and harsh to some, but the reality in the marketplace is simple, “Improve or die.”

The existing TV Viewership model is deficient and if “the premier company”, whose name is synonymous with TV Viewership does not change – it too will go the way of T-Rex.

You might say that the extinction of the dinosaurs was “outside of their control” so the metaphor is misplaced.  I would suggest that a truth unknown, yet still approaching, is also outside of one’s control and therefore it fits.  Paradigm shifts are like that.  

Consider Eastman Kodak who once dominated the film industry with a 90% market share.  Even though they invented key aspects of digital photography, they seemed to be the last to embrace it.  Finally acknowledging that the market had in fact changed, they themselves became almost obsolete.

With the legalization of marijuana gaining popularity, more TV Viewers are going to discover the benefits of sinking into their couch only to find that – all they have left is the change between their cushions.

Sooner or later advertisers will demand sorting out the stoners from the spenders with a more precise viewership model.  It is not a question of “if these changes will occur” but a question of, “Who will bring these changes about?”  The answer might be with an upstart company named General Sentiment who is already addressing flaws in the Nielsen rating model in a big way. Watch a Fox Business Channel video interview of CEO Greg Artzt here.

With a new, more precise viewership model in place, whether or not through Nielsen, General Sentiment or another company, the MSM better be ready; if they’re not, they too may learn that – they have become obsolete.

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