Pushing HC – Note to Democrats

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 Some Democrats say they are Pushing Gov Run HC for Reasons of Conscience, as justification to Ignore the majority of their Constituents and yet their Actions are not grounded in the Constitution – the Sacred Document they took an Oath to Honor

Conscience apart from Constitution is great Conversation for a Coffee Party, but it is NOT for Our Nation. 

 Without the Proper Rule of Law, what System do we have but a Fiat Free-for-all?  Keep doing what you’re doing and maybe in November of this year, but for sure in 2012 – You will NOT like being on the other Side of What you’re doing.

Democrats should remember from 2005, the pendulum swings both ways.

 Do not believe that the Stimulus Slush Funds will be enough to buy the votes you need – People may take the money, but they will then Vote their Conscience and you will be on the short end of that.

 So many Freedom Fighters and States are ready and waiting to Oppose the Constitutionality of Gov Run HC in Court.

The Choice is up to You.

There is still time to Kill the Bill and Start Over! If you are a Democrat in Congress, why not lead the way?  You may be able to squeak or force Gov Run HC through, but your Party will be Toast!  Your Legislation if even valid, will be undone by the same Process by which you Enact it.  The People will not rest.

 Some Democrats have already left the Hope and Change Bus – some for the right reasons, others for reasons political. 

 If Gov Run HC passes, ALL Democrats – whether they voted for Gov Run HC or not – will be held responsible, since those Democrats who may have voted against it, didn’t do enough to stop it.

 Those Democrats that speak the Truth the loudest and Gov Run HC is defeated, will be remembered by history the longest – and they will be remembered as Patriots.

 Those who remain silent – well…

 Opposition to Gov Run HC is not a Republican or Tea Party thing – it is an American thing.

Many Independents and even Democrats voted for Scott Brown for this very reason – although publicly most Democrats continue to reframe the Massachusetts Message.

 Democrats need to temporarily set aside their Party allegiance and do the right thing and Kill this Bill.

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