Pushing HC – MisSteps 5 and 6

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MisStep #5 Control Freak Dialog.

 The President and Democrats have Controlled their Set in Stone Agenda from the Start.

 Some would say, “Too bad – we’re the ones in Power now! We can do what we want!”  This is the attitude they have while they continue on with their Control Freak Dialog. Imagine if George W. Bush appointed himself as your Health Care Master.

 With HC Reform the President and Democrats have chosen the Topics for discussion, they Frame the debate through press releases and strategic information leaks.  They tell us what is important about Our Healthcare as they Preach to us and push their Agenda on us. We hear the same speeches with the same villains.

 A favorite villain, besides ordinary Americans, has been the insurance companies who are, when you think about it, ordinary Americans too – working hard, doing their jobs

 As Senator Lamar Alexander has said, “Taking EVERY PENNY of PROFIT from ALL Insurance companies would pay for 2 days of America’s Insurance.” What about the other 363?

 Insurance industry leaders came to the WH for a HC discussion, the President poked his head in and at his very next speech, he was bashing them.  This is Open dialog? Sign me up.

 Usually the dis is delivered where the disee cannot properly respond because they are not there or because decorum won’t allow it, like in the President’s State of the Union Address and the lack of Reverence shown to the Members of the Supreme Court.

 Other times as we saw in the HC Reform Summit, Republicans could respond but their ideas were quickly dismissed on the spot and the most valid concerns did not even receive the courtesy of a delayed replynot as a courtesy to them, but as a courtesy (or duty) to us, who are the Stakeholders in the answers.

 Lately we have heard that conversations behind the scenes aren’t much better. While the public is Occupied – arguing with false arguments being put forth, we can only imagine the arm twisting going on – to get one more Member to set aside their Principles, suspend their Rationale, silence their Voice and Proxy their Vote.

 MisStep #6 Blitzkrieg Kamikaze Governing.

 The Bombardment of Multiple and Many Agendas being pushed simultaneously is designed to overwhelm us – taking advantage of the limits of Our attention and the News Cycle.  Vast amounts of resources have been spent to make Gov Run HC happen – it is truly a Federal Government Machine that is at work. 

 First it was to Ignore the Will of the People; then to Ignore the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution; next the threat of improperly using Reconciliation or the Nuclear Option; then ignoring the Article I Section 7 of the Constitution by a possible Rep. Slaughter Plan to try and pass the Senate Bill without even voting on it!

 Every day many more Americans are joining the fight – in between taking their kids to school, going to work and doing a whole list of other Responsibilities.  

They’re making calls to Members of Congress, to friends and family; they are talking to neighbors and to complete strangers. People who were never Political are getting Political. Yet the Machine keeps Pushing.

 While People are occupied with one issue – they’re at work somewhere else, advancing another. 

 We found out, tucked into the, no-time to read it – vote on it now, “Stimulus Bill”, was funding and legislation for Restructuring the Medical Records System of the USA. So the beginnings of Gov Run HC actually began many months ago.

 The President and Democrats appear to be on a Kamikaze Mission with Gov Run HC. They don’t care that it won’t work and is not possible to implement. They don’t care what it costs Future Generations in dollars or Lost Freedom.  Politically they don’t care because they have their Government pension and they can always go to work as a lobbyist or do something else somewhere.

 It’s surprising – not that they are willing to trash their career, but they are willing to trash Our Freedom and their Party as well.

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