Pushing HC – MisSteps 2-3-4

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 MisStep #2 Conflicted Partners.

 Out from behind closed doors emerged Unreal Special Deals: a cost cap for Big Pharma, a break for Unions, a pass for Lawyers, handouts and carve-outs for certain States to buy votes…

 Barak Obama promised us a Seat at the Table, We the People would be a Partner in Health Care Reform. This was the right thing to do and Absolutely necessary since Health Care touches each and every American and it is deeply Personal to each one of us.  Since the Agenda was never about Reform, as we understood it, we were locked out again.

 We also learned of other Partners or Czars as they are called whose values definitely don’t sync with those who reside in America’s Heartland.  They have no accountability to Congress, let alone the American People. So…

 Who is it that is representing the best Interests of the American People and who wrote these Bills?

 MisStep #3  Smoke and Mirrors.

 As Representative Paul Ryan pointed out at the Health Care Summit, the Democrats are using Smoke and Mirror tricks to represent their cost numbers to the People. Instead of costing $1 Trillion, their plan is estimated to cost $2.5 Trillion.

 They start collecting revenue soon after it is implemented, yet don’t start paying out benefits until 4 years later – so their plan conceals 4 years of costs. As Senator Lindsey Graham said, “With Enron, people went to jail for this – you can’t take liabilities off the books to make the books look better.”

 How many more smoke and mirror “Town Hall” speeches do we need?  The staging is complete with only cheering supporters and loaned white coat professionals while the Objectors are locked outside.

 The Plan itself is misrepresented.  Knowing how few have actually read or understand the 3,000+ pages (plus the many more pages of Legislation that are referenced), the President and Democrats can say what they want about what’s in the Bills and of course many believe them – again I used to be one of them.

 How about calling Gov Run HC what it is: a massive new entitlement program – not to provide insurance for the uninsured, but where Democrats and the President feel they are  entitled to do whatever they want – irrespective of cost or unintended consequence.

 MisStep #4  Emotional Wrapping.

 In the name of Helping People, Building People up, Improving their Condition and Reducing their Suffering – their Prescription for us is Justified

 They wrap their Agenda in True Emotional Heartfelt Stories from People who have been wronged or hurt by the Current System or from People who are Now Suffering. These Stories and Situations are REAL. Anyone listening to the Stories being shared can feel the pain of these People.

 It is NOT that the Stories are not REAL nor problems with the existing System do not exist – it is that the Medicine that Democrats Prescribe is NOT medicine at all – it is POISON!

 To deliberately use Emotion to Hijack Our Healthcare System is – well you provide the words

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