Pushing HC – Encouragement for us

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What we are doing is making a difference. We need to keep doing what we are doing and Turn up the Volume!

 Earl Nightingale in The Strangest Secret talks about the contrast of seeing in the distance: a small man perched atop and controlling the largest piece of Earth Moving equipment in the World

 The weight ratio of man to machine is incredible – the man by his knowledge and skill, his action and intention – controls the massive machine.  Is he going to just let it go out of control into the ditch? No!

 Nor should any one of us (as small as we may feel) allow Our Voice to go unheard in this Fight.

 Who’s to say that your call, your letter or your conversation however small, won’t be the one to make the difference to change the mind of an influential person – or the mind of a person who knows an influential person. 

 Like the smallest pebble creating a ripple on a glass smooth pond – you do make a difference – know that and take action!

 We thank all those in Washington who are standing firm against this Agenda and what is Wrong for America. We Pray for Our Country and that those in Washington will do the Right thing.

 In the meantime, we have to do Our Part:  Make the Calls. Research the Facts. Get Involved. Remind Others that:

 Our Freedom is Often taken for Granted by many, I must confess, I was one and I hope it is not too late… 

As it seems to be slipping away – I now realize it was Passed on to me from Trustees that have long since Gone and that, I am now a Trustee. How will those, who have yet to arrive, Speak of me and what I did with this Gift we call Freedom?

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