Happy Valentines Day President Obama (cont’d)

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Democrat and President Obama Trust Account Ledger:

 Over the summer, the Voice of the People was not only ignored, those speaking were demonized in the most vile ways – which certainly was not a deposit in the Trust account.

Thousands of  pages were crafted Behind Closed Doors and dropped on Committee for a rushed vote – this was Not a deposit.  

Endless speeches and scripted Town Halls – Not a deposit.

 Wrapping the “Health Reform Package” with touching and true stories from People who were (or still are) sadly affected by the existing System – using emotion as a red herring wedge against anyone who would uncompassionately dare Question what was being proposed – Not a deposit.

 Then when the Package was unwrapped, We found an attempt to Re-Form our entire Healthcare System into one run by the Federal Government. This is definitely NOT a deposit.

 Playing a shell game with the various healthcare draft bills – generally arguing for this or that – yet when specific language was criticized, we heard: “That’s no longer in the bill.” – or – “There  are four or five versions floating around” – and the best one – “None of the bills are the President’s until he actually signs one.” So the game was played on – Not a deposit.

 Inviting others to participate in the Process, by Sliding Comments Under a Door – in hopes the leadership and a number of Cronies might consider them. Strangely the Best ideas were left out and the other ideas were cherry-picked and condescendingly fed back to the ones who proposed them – while simultaneously telling them – you’re the Party of NO and have no ideas. This is bipartisanship? Many have the attitude “we’re the ones in Power so – too bad…” – Not a deposit.

Congressional Democrats suspending their own rational thinking and voting by proxy via Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Repeated calls to Democrats in Congress (if their attendants even picked up the phone) yielded the same canned Obstructionist drone:

 “You people call up with your talking points – you should know, the Senator is working hard on this issue…” 

 The only ones in Congress that seem to be speaking publicly are those wanting special deals for their own State at the expense of other States. Not a deposit.

 Mr. President, you say you’re for Transparency, against Back Room Deals and Lobbyists, for Limited Spending, for Implementing Programs that Work – for economic growth, energy independence and job creation – yet most things being done seem contrary to what you say – Not a deposit.

 Inserting Government into so many aspects of People’s lives – in the name of Health, Safety or cutting Costs. Destroying this Country by permanently placing more people on the already torn-to-shreds Government Safety Net instead of allowing Citizens to be Empowered, Independent and Self-Sufficient. Burdening already overburdened Citizens with thoughts and fears that not even the Basics entrusted to Government are being done Right – Not a deposit.

 Unlike the days of Our Founding, messages no longer travel on horseback. Tyrants around the world are learning the greatest threat to their Oppressive Ways is the Social Media Revolution. Cell phones, the Internet, Social Messaging Sites all make the World more Connected. Tyrants, try as they might, ultimately will not succeed in stopping the spread of Freedom. We as Americans know the Cost Paid to secure and defend Our Freedom and We stand together with those around the World trying to obtain Theirs.

 When people in Our Country participate in efforts to defend against what they believe are threats to their Freedom – they are labeled as “right wing extremists”, their “fishy emails” are collected or we hear that the White House in launching a new electronic messaging campaign or wants to put more Government Control over the Internet in the name of National Security – this is not a deposit.

 Billboards are even popping up in America’s Heartland, yet instead of Receiving the Message, the push is to find out who the Messenger is.  Whether it’s a billboard paid for by a businessperson, a blog started by a Citizen, or simply an Internet search to seek out and learn the Truth for Oneself (instead of blindly relying upon what the Media or someone else says) –or– having a Conversation with another to Genuinely share the Truth – these actions however small, together represent the millions of People exercising their Right of Freedom.

 Yet, even after the loud message of the Massachusetts Voters was sent, some still are not listening; Congress still holds onto the same Smelly Pies they Baked with Rotten Ingredients. Unaware that, the longer they hold on to them – the more the smell will stick with them through November.

 We hear:  “We’ve come so far, this is so close, we just have to Punch it through…”  

 How is it Close when overwhelmingly the People don’t even like the smell of it?

Here try some this, it will be good for you…”

 How is it a deposit to force it down Our throats?

 Just one year after sweeping DC, after some Republicans forgot their own Principles, Democrats have bankrupted their Own Trust account with the American People.

 Until the Objects of Mistrust are released, a Restoration of Trust cannot Begin.

 This means: Voting down existing Healthcare Bills, ending Cap and Tax, cutting Spending (for real), having Independent Oversight for the Unspent Dollars in the Stimulus Fund or returning those Funds to pay down the Debt, having a Proper Vetting Process for all existing and new Czars, not making Recess Appointments that circumvent the Congress, requiring Lobbyists to argue for their Causes in Public, a REAL Jobs Bill and Letting Go of all Initiatives in Conflict with Our Constitution – to name just a few.

 To the President and Democrats in Congress:

 It’s not too late to Begin aNew – Happy Valentines Day.

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