Opportunity and Abundance – or – Dependency and Debt

Adapted from Shake Down Politics – Chicago Style (here)

Barak Obama has disgraced the Office of the President with his campaign and over the last four years – most recently with the events surrounding Benghazi.

Barak Obama has a failed record of Dependency and Debt that has shackled Well-Capable People.

Barak Obama and his minions have resorted to thug-like tactics in a desperate attempt to hold their selfish power while burning through the money of Future Generations.

Many people have had enough – they want real change that solves real problems.  We need jobs and to return Our Country to the land of Opportunity and Abundance.

It is true that some People don’t care how close we are to going off a cliff, so long as THEY get their free-stuff – I hope you are not one of them.

Common Sense reforms are working in Wisconsin and that is exactly what’s needed for America. Scott Walker is leading the way in Wisconsin and Mitt Romney is the right person to lead Our Nation.

Strong leadership requires the support of the People.  Ronald Reagan voiced the words but it was the People who tore down the Wall. Scott Walker put forth a plan but it was the People who voted (twice).

Do your own independent research instead of being spoon-fed by the biased mainstream media.  I think you will agree – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the Best Change we can make.

Now let’s go vote!

Shortlink to article: http://bit.ly/SHUNdC

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