Bravery and Honor in Benghazi

There has not been a new article on this site nor a single tweet since Obamacare was forced through.

Events surrounding Benghazi have changed that…

Bravery and Honor in Benghazi

Instead of retreating from the danger they moved closer to it;

Although they may have been obscured by the “fog of war” they moved through it;

Guided by the truth – WE LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND – their mission was clear;

In spite of being told to “stand down” they rescued many out of harm’s way;

Fighting through seven hours of hell they took out many enemies;

No help having come, dying on a rooftop, alone.

We know hindsight is 20:20 yet even from that view, we can always find reason to be silent.  Listening to the words of Tyrone Woods’ father, how can we be silent?  I am not speaking of those quietly grieving for their own loss but to those we have entrusted with the responsibility to speak.

Here it would be easy to rant about the silence of many in the media or the obvious lies and/or spin that may be out there so far.  I will not waste your time here with what you already know or may choose not to see.  You can judge for yourself who is silent and what their motives might be.  With a small amount of effort you can fact-check the fact checkers to see if they are accurate and reliable.  You can use the Internet to access the “raw data” used to report (or not report) on a story.  Going forward you can decide who is trustworthy and who is not – in delivering the truth.

Occasionally it’s useful to take off the partisan (red state – blue state) glasses and see the truth for what it is.  Although some may wish to obscure the truth by disregarding it, denying it, distorting it and even trying to discredit those who might be carrying it, remember the truth is still the truth.

“Just because a crazy person says it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true and likewise a wise person can be wrong.”

Our Founders spoke of “self-evident” truths and Rights endowed by our Creator – another gift we are endowed with and sometimes take for granted is the ability to recognize that which is true.  Let us use that gift between now and Election Day and also in our quest to get to the truth about Benghazi and that those “in the know” would have the courage to speak it.

Acknowledgements go out to Catherine Herridge, Jennifer Griffin, Bret Baier and others from Fox News for their excellent Benghazi reporting and also to Lara Logan from CBS News and 60 Minutes for her speech at the 2012 BGA Annual Luncheon (click to view) and reporting on “what really matters” and the truth about al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

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