Voters States should have Nuclear Option Tweet Congress #VSNO

Since Democrats feel it’s ok for Congress to use the Nuclear Option against the Will of the American People then: Voters and States should have a Nuclear Option too

What happens when an Elected…

–       doesn’t do what they said they would do when they get to Washington?

–       tries to manipulate the Process to Force something upon us – we do not want?

–       abuses their Power so much there isn’t enough time to wait to vote them out?

–       no longer listens to or represents the People who elected them?

Maybe it’s time Voters and States Have a Nuclear Option Too.

Although it might be far better to get rid of the Nuclear Option altogether – after of course we undo all the damage done by Democrats – in the meantime it’s worth investigating how Constitutionally we as Voters can send a louder message to those Elected who choose not to listen to the Ones who Elected them.

Maybe Voters with an Up Down Simple Majority Vote, can have a Redo of an Election or Vote on a Issue Directly – maybe then, those in Washington will get the Message. Democrats could have used this during the last Administration.

This is NOT a Republican Democrat issue – although Democrats now are more out of control than any other Party in our Nation’s history and it is now an Emergency Situation.

Agreeing with this – what can be done NOW

Continue to:  Call and Write Congress.  Attend Town Hall Meetings.  Talk to and inform friends, relatives, neighbors and complete strangers about what you know.  Connect people with sources of reliable information. 

Get information from the Main Stream Media and Others but don’t stop there.  Go to the Source of their Information on the Internet directly for yourself to see how they may have “twisted the facts” for whatever reason – remember what you find out and make up your own mind.

Join Twitter and follow others learning about the issues, politely message those who may be mistaken or may have been misled.

Watch out for Skinny Bob (someone who just wants to mess with you and isn’t interested in reasonable discussion).

Turn up the volume on your Twitter messages by using the Twitter Hashtag #vsno which means:

Voter State Nuclear Option

Voters Say NO!

Tweet Democrats in Congress: We don’t want the Government taking over Our Health Care System! #hc #vsno

Tweet Democrats in Congress: We want REAL Health Care Reform – Scrap the Bills and Start Over! #hc #vsno

Tweet Democrats in Congress: Fix what’s Broken with Healthcare and Leave the Rest Alone! #hc #vsno

Make #vsno a Trending Topic on Twitter – I don’t know if anything will change but what I do know is that the White House Press Secretary is new on Twitter and he just might see it and slip a hint to the President who might then tell the Leaders in Congress. It’s worth a try.

One last thing, remember recently when we had Snow in all 50 States and there was a shortage of snow for the Olympics in Vancouver?  Washington was shut down for days yet we still survived. 

Some say it was a message about Global Warming however it wouldn’t matter because most in Washington aren’t getting any messages from us or from Above. 

The Loudest Message sent yet was from the great Voters of Massachusetts and like the DC Blizzard, it was a Historic event. Democrats can continue to ignore or distort what it really meant.

In November however when the #vsno Victory SNO reaches all 50 States – maybe then they will Know!

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