New Transparency Promised – yet Just another Dish of the Same

With many old Promises and now talk of new Transparency – it appears the American People are going to get Just another Dish of the Same

Lets revisit the Honest Transparency Promises Made:

 Candidate Obama promised things were going to be different. 

With Healthcare Reform, he was not going to make the same mistake the Clintons made – he was going to enlist the American People in the PROCESS from the Beginning.

 Using a Restaurant Analogy:  Since the American People will have to Eat it for a very long time – They should be Assured that there are no Rats in the Kitchen and that it’s Clean

 They should be allowed to choose for themselves what they want to Eat and to Know the Ingredients. They should be able to witness the actual food preparation and the cooking (so that NO back door, special interest ingredients are snuck in).  If they’re not satisfied with the PROCESS, they should not be forced to eat what they are served.

 Some continue to Misunderstand and Misrepresent:  what Honest Transparency is – like it’s an after-the-fact visual  – Only to be Applied – AFTER Our Food is Served.

 So after many months, the American people sit waiting at the ObamaCare Café. The cook places another serving of who knows what onto the counter beneath the heat lamps and annoyedly announces, “Hey your food is done…”

 As the dish makes its way back to Our Table, We already Know – it will be More of the Same

Ugly Stew

 Sure, we’ll spoon though it and notice the unappealing smell – finding once again, it’s not what we ordered at all.  The many distasteful and foreign objects we said we didn’t want are still cooked in and the Freshest Most Important ingredients we said we did want – are still missing.

 Yes once again, we will talk to the server and the cook and finally the Manager – who, with a hand on our shoulder, will publicly lecture us about what’s good for us and eventually we’ll be told:  you wanted it, you ordered it, there will be no changes and no adjustments so …

Just Eat It!

We the American People aren’t going to just eat it – you can try but you won’t shove it down our throats.

 How many times do we have to say it?   We do not want the Government running Our Healthcare System.

 Democrats and the President can concoct whatever they want behind closed doors but as what happened in Massachusetts – payback will come in November and Beyond.

 Throw out that nasty stuff and keep your Promise – Open up the Kitchen so We can cook up something – that we ALL can Enjoy.

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