Mr. President It’s NOT about C-SPAN

Mr. President, you’ve acknowledged the deficit of TRUST that exists in Washington. With regard to Healthcare Reform – there were many deductions from – the TRUST account. A previous post lists more than just a few… (click here)

 The biggest deduction of TRUST however, was not that the negotiations were not on C-SPAN.

 The biggest deduction of TRUST is the fact that the Government is attempting to take over of the American Healthcare System

 The number one thing there is NO Negotiation on is the majority of Americans do not want the Federal Government having centralized Control over their Healthcare in Washington – far from where they are, imposing Mandates that usurp Individual and State Sovereignty, adding layers of Bureaucracy between them and the ones who Deliver their Care. 

 It seems that the existing legislation has this as its Foundation and if that’s so, everything else – built upon it – is flawed. Until we can agree on this, there is no point in building anything together.  On this basis, we CAN move forward with REAL Healthcare Reform.

 You’ve said in the essence of time, it doesn’t make sense to Start Over from Scratch with Healthcare. I know you and others believe there is Good in the existing bills – yet you should also know, when it is done behind closed doors – even the GOOD becomes suspect!

 Adding ultra pure water to a stinky cistern will never produce anything drinkable. Yes it will take time to drain and disinfect the container and those reluctant to do so will say but we’ve come so far – the container is almost full (we are holding onto these Bills and we only need one more vote…) yes, this is true –yet what is being held – stinks

 You’ve indicated you want to meet with Republicans and that your Intentions are genuine and true. If this is the case, the fastest way to Produce a Quality Output is to meet with the Leaders of Congress and ask them to find a way to Vote down the existing Bills – to demonstrate to the American people that you and the Congress are on the Same Page.

 Some say you’re going to come to the Healthcare Meeting with your own ideas or a new draft of a bill.  Throughout the summer, you were distanced from the draft bills – some saying none of the drafts were yours – until you actually signed a Bill.  Riding in on a White Horse now with your own draft throws Congress under the Bus.  Mr. President, you cannot advance your Agenda around the Congress by Executive Order.

 The HHS Secretary recently testified before Congress that she could not guarantee Transparency since she was not a Principal in the Legislation. With Our Legislative Process, this Fact applies to you as well Mr. President and unless the Congress is on Board – the meetings with you, however many and however bipartisan, will just be side static and show.

 Why not meet with Leaders of Congress (yes behind closed doors) and figure out a way to move this Process Forward in the Right way. Acknowledge the mistakes that were made together, press the Reset Button – have a congruent message with the Congress that people can agree with, Vote down the Bills, Begin to Restore TRUST and Start Over.

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