Happy Valentines Day President Obama

Today is Valentines Day. This day is not the same for those in a Relationship without Trust.

 Today also marks the six month anniversary of the Blog Post: Healthcare Reform is  Dead. This article speaks of Trust and concludes with:

 The TRUST to deliver the “hope and change” that was promised is eroding by the day – and as far as I’m concerned, until public TRUST is restored, it doesn’t matter what is said, health care reform is dead.

 Mr. Obama, in your State of the Union Speech you talked about the deficit of trust in Washington. An interesting way to phrase it I thought. It reminded me of something I heard long ago that…

 Relationships are like bank accounts – we make deposits and we make withdrawals. If we pay attention to our relationship ledger sheet and ask Ourselves: Is what I’m doing here a deposit or a withdrawal?  Like Budgeting 101 if we have many more deposits than we have withdrawals, chances are we will have a Great Relationship.

 Well Mr. President, in reviewing previous Blog Posts and Twitter Tweets – your Trust account, shared by the Democrats in Congress, is more than just a little bit Overdrawn.

 …and Until the Objects of Mistrust are released, a Restoration of Trust cannot Begin. What this means together with a detailed listing of Democrat and your own Trust Withdrawals over the past year please click here – be forewarned though, there are a lot of Withdrawals.

 Continue reading (click here)

Shortlink to Article http://bit.ly/dmsHZ8

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