What Our Founders Might Say

Why would We let those in Washington do what We the People should Do for Ourselves?

 Sovereignty is something that was highly valued by our Founders – which simply means the Freedom from External Control.

 With this in mind, why would we outsource solving our most important problems to those We don’t want to be controlled by? We need to solve our problems Outside of Washington. We the People, for Ourselves – independent of Politics, need to: 

  1. Select and Properly Frame the Issues/Problems We face
  2. Identify and Allow the Stakeholders to Have Seat at Our Table
  3. Establish an Open Process and set the Agenda for Moving Forward
  4. Post Independent Expert Analysis for Public Review and Comment
  5. Let Congress, Special Interests and Others Argue for What They Want
  6. Have a Fair, Balanced and Open Discourse on What Matters Most
  7. Reach Meaningful Solutions that We the People want for Ourselves
  8. Ask Congress to then write the Bills to Implement Our Solutions
  9. Review, Comment, Edit and Approve the Legislative Drafts
  10. Finally have Congress vote on and the President sign the Bill into Law 

 This is not rocket science and it can be done quickly. There are many good and great people in Washington – most are serving with the right intentions. However, Our System has been hijacked by a few and its time that System is returned to the benefit of the People and Future Generations.

 The answer is NOT to change the way Washington works. This has been the campaign promise of many – but each time, Our hopes are dashed, promises broken and it’s more of the same. 

 The reasons for failure would fill many pages. Yet suffice it to say there are many people, interests and dynamics inside “the Beltway”.  Interview any member of Congress about how they expected DC to be vs. the way it really is – you’ll find there’s a big difference.  Newcomers soon after arrival have their head spun around and dizzily ask, “What just happened?”

 No doubt, those in Washington do feel the burden of responsibility entrusted to them and the frustration and pain of not being able to solve (for whatever reason) the Nation’s biggest problems.  Most in Washington don’t wake up with the Intention to wreck this Country – although a few do have that intention – after a cup of coffee.

 Intentions aside, relying upon those <in Washington> to <change Washington> is like yelling at the guy who’s drowning, telling him to save himself – when We are holding the life ring.

 Creative ideas and solutions can come from out of nowhere and from anywhere. Why would we put boundaries around a Process that might exclude, what could be, the very Best ideas?  The Best ideas could come from a housewife, a laborer, an executive, a child – solutions that could already be part of an existing system within an organization, a company, a state or local Government or somewhere else – or the Best might simply be on a person’s pad of paper – in a drawer.  Without changing the System, how will We know?

 Changing the System starts with the realization that it’s Ours to begin with. Our System was entrusted to us by our Founders and We have a Duty to take it back and make it Work for Us.

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