New Transparency Promised – yet Just another Dish of the Same

With many old Promises and now talk of new Transparency – it appears the American People are going to get Just another Dish of the Same

Lets revisit the Honest Transparency Promises Made:

 Candidate Obama promised things were going to be different. 

With Healthcare Reform, he was not going to make the same mistake the Clintons made – he was going to enlist the American People in the PROCESS from the Beginning.

 Using a Restaurant Analogy:  Since the American People will have to Eat it for a very long time – They should be Assured that there are no Rats in the Kitchen and that it’s Clean

 They should be allowed to choose for themselves what they want to Eat and to Know the Ingredients. They should be able to witness the actual food preparation and the cooking (so that NO back door, special interest ingredients are snuck in).  If they’re not satisfied with the PROCESS, they should not be forced to eat what they are served.

 Some continue to Misunderstand and Misrepresent:  what Honest Transparency is – like it’s an after-the-fact visual  – Only to be Applied – AFTER Our Food is Served.

 So after many months, the American people sit waiting at the ObamaCare Café. The cook places another serving of who knows what onto the counter beneath the heat lamps and annoyedly announces, “Hey your food is done…”

 As the dish makes its way back to Our Table, We already Know – it will be More of the Same

Ugly Stew

 Sure, we’ll spoon though it and notice the unappealing smell – finding once again, it’s not what we ordered at all.  The many distasteful and foreign objects we said we didn’t want are still cooked in and the Freshest Most Important ingredients we said we did want – are still missing.

 Yes once again, we will talk to the server and the cook and finally the Manager – who, with a hand on our shoulder, will publicly lecture us about what’s good for us and eventually we’ll be told:  you wanted it, you ordered it, there will be no changes and no adjustments so …

Just Eat It!

We the American People aren’t going to just eat it – you can try but you won’t shove it down our throats.

 How many times do we have to say it?   We do not want the Government running Our Healthcare System.

 Democrats and the President can concoct whatever they want behind closed doors but as what happened in Massachusetts – payback will come in November and Beyond.

 Throw out that nasty stuff and keep your Promise – Open up the Kitchen so We can cook up something – that we ALL can Enjoy.

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Mr. President It’s NOT about C-SPAN

Mr. President, you’ve acknowledged the deficit of TRUST that exists in Washington. With regard to Healthcare Reform – there were many deductions from – the TRUST account. A previous post lists more than just a few… (click here)

 The biggest deduction of TRUST however, was not that the negotiations were not on C-SPAN.

 The biggest deduction of TRUST is the fact that the Government is attempting to take over of the American Healthcare System

 The number one thing there is NO Negotiation on is the majority of Americans do not want the Federal Government having centralized Control over their Healthcare in Washington – far from where they are, imposing Mandates that usurp Individual and State Sovereignty, adding layers of Bureaucracy between them and the ones who Deliver their Care. 

 It seems that the existing legislation has this as its Foundation and if that’s so, everything else – built upon it – is flawed. Until we can agree on this, there is no point in building anything together.  On this basis, we CAN move forward with REAL Healthcare Reform.

 You’ve said in the essence of time, it doesn’t make sense to Start Over from Scratch with Healthcare. I know you and others believe there is Good in the existing bills – yet you should also know, when it is done behind closed doors – even the GOOD becomes suspect!

 Adding ultra pure water to a stinky cistern will never produce anything drinkable. Yes it will take time to drain and disinfect the container and those reluctant to do so will say but we’ve come so far – the container is almost full (we are holding onto these Bills and we only need one more vote…) yes, this is true –yet what is being held – stinks

 You’ve indicated you want to meet with Republicans and that your Intentions are genuine and true. If this is the case, the fastest way to Produce a Quality Output is to meet with the Leaders of Congress and ask them to find a way to Vote down the existing Bills – to demonstrate to the American people that you and the Congress are on the Same Page.

 Some say you’re going to come to the Healthcare Meeting with your own ideas or a new draft of a bill.  Throughout the summer, you were distanced from the draft bills – some saying none of the drafts were yours – until you actually signed a Bill.  Riding in on a White Horse now with your own draft throws Congress under the Bus.  Mr. President, you cannot advance your Agenda around the Congress by Executive Order.

 The HHS Secretary recently testified before Congress that she could not guarantee Transparency since she was not a Principal in the Legislation. With Our Legislative Process, this Fact applies to you as well Mr. President and unless the Congress is on Board – the meetings with you, however many and however bipartisan, will just be side static and show.

 Why not meet with Leaders of Congress (yes behind closed doors) and figure out a way to move this Process Forward in the Right way. Acknowledge the mistakes that were made together, press the Reset Button – have a congruent message with the Congress that people can agree with, Vote down the Bills, Begin to Restore TRUST and Start Over.

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Happy Valentines Day President Obama

Today is Valentines Day. This day is not the same for those in a Relationship without Trust.

 Today also marks the six month anniversary of the Blog Post: Healthcare Reform is  Dead. This article speaks of Trust and concludes with:

 The TRUST to deliver the “hope and change” that was promised is eroding by the day – and as far as I’m concerned, until public TRUST is restored, it doesn’t matter what is said, health care reform is dead.

 Mr. Obama, in your State of the Union Speech you talked about the deficit of trust in Washington. An interesting way to phrase it I thought. It reminded me of something I heard long ago that…

 Relationships are like bank accounts – we make deposits and we make withdrawals. If we pay attention to our relationship ledger sheet and ask Ourselves: Is what I’m doing here a deposit or a withdrawal?  Like Budgeting 101 if we have many more deposits than we have withdrawals, chances are we will have a Great Relationship.

 Well Mr. President, in reviewing previous Blog Posts and Twitter Tweets – your Trust account, shared by the Democrats in Congress, is more than just a little bit Overdrawn.

 …and Until the Objects of Mistrust are released, a Restoration of Trust cannot Begin. What this means together with a detailed listing of Democrat and your own Trust Withdrawals over the past year please click here – be forewarned though, there are a lot of Withdrawals.

 Continue reading (click here)

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What if Al Roker Could Control the Weather?

Forecasting the weather requires much education, experience and certification yet we all know how often the weather forecast is wrong.

 What would Matt Lauer say to weatherman Al Roker if Al came in one day and said he could now CONTROL the weather? Al would soon be announcing Centurion birthdays with Willard Scott.

 Yet what are the qualifications required to be a World Climate Expert?  <Insert Al Gore humor here>

 Most would agree Al Gore is not “the expert” – he’s just the spokesman. Although Spokesman Al does have a pretty high pay grade for being “just” that.

 So who are these Climate Experts? Shouldn’t they have to validate their Power to Control the Climate?

 I mean if Weatherman Al could demonstrate with reliable certainty, that he in fact could control the weather, more people would watch NBC and Weatherman Al would definitely be getting a pay upgrade comparable to that of Climatologist Spokesman Al.

 The point is: We are looking at implementing a World System based on what? A movie?  The opinions of “experts” however many, who have not demonstrated their fix for “the problem” even on a small scale, let alone on a Global scale?

 We are told that Cap and Tax is a way to equalize areas in the World that are negatively effected by the increase in C02 in the atmosphere… Areas of drought and poverty are hit the hardest. Pictures of starving people are placed alongside pictures of successful (cast as inhumane) companies. Questioning the cause-effect relationship between the two prompts an attitude – as if one is questioning the law of Gravity.

 We are told sea levels will wash over New York and that glaciers are melting because global temperatures have risen a degree or two. Nuclear powered ice breakers plow through ice sheets upon which polar bears roam, to reach locations that host reporters – braving 70 degrees below freezing conditions – to tell us about what’s melting.

 Global warming has been repackaged as “climate change” because proponents know that ALL of the world is not always too warm. Some say now that the Blizzard that shut down Washington DC for 3 days and cost many millions of dollars to clean up is the result of Global Warming Climate Change:  the atmosphere is heating up, causing more water vapor to accumulate and in cold areas, this results in heavy snow.

 Note: Although I am not a Climatologist, let me ask: What do we call “water accumulation” in the sky? Clouds. What Color are big puffy clouds that are filled with water? White. Which color generates more Heat under the Sun – puffy white or the dark color of Earth? You see the logical direction… (And yes it’s now proposed that we make blacktop roads and rooftops white!)

 To think we can influence any one of Earth’s massive, complex and self-regulating systems requires more than just a snowjob. True Science does not begin with an endpoint and then fill in the middle however valid that middle might seem.

 Even if we agree the snows in DC were in fact caused by global warming; is the solution to give Citizens and companies affected by the Blizzard a payment?  Who decides who gets paid and how much? Al Gore? The UN or some other International Body?

 Those rallying the loudest for Cap and Tax are impoverished countries and those who want to make the World a better place (while skimming a little off the top for themselves – for administration of course).

 Helping impoverished nations is noble and the US is a leader in Giving. Other nations give as well. Giving can only be done by those who have something to give – just ask Oprah. Giving should not be made mandatory nor wealth placed in the hands of a few to be distributed as THEY see fit. Remember the UN food program?

 Unfortunately there will always be people with less in the world. As the saying goes – taking all of the farmer’s seed corn to feed the hungry, means ALL will have LESS in the fall. The successful baker being taxed to the point of being unable to buy a bigger oven does not create more pie for anyone. Yes, we should help those in need – by building them up and not by reducing the capacity of those who have more or are producing more.

 And to those who say we should have subsidies to encourage energy independence:  The transition to fossil fuel did not require a massive tax on whale oil. Whales became scarce so we found an alternative. Fossil fuel is not scarce – yet we have chosen not to use what WE ourselves have; and continue to pay ransomous sums to other countries for our own fuel. Whose fault is that? 

 Years ago burning fossil fuels produced toxins that were bad – ALL agreed breathing lead, sulfur and other harmful elements was not healthy. Then came the revolutionary invention of the catalytic converter – able to convert toxic exhaust into a gas that we ourselves breath out – harmless carbon dioxide.

 Oops the EPA has recently designated C02 as not harmless – which takes us back to Global Warming Climate Change.

 Alternative energy source development naturally will follow its own course based on market forces. Trying to artificially speed up its arrival is not economically feasible.  Driving up the price of oil to make another energy source more attractive makes no sense unless you are on the receiving end of higher oil prices or a Cap and Tax Administrator.

So lets be honest about the REAL purpose of what’s being proposed and deal with the REAL issues.  Let’s not hide the science nor the intentions via secret emails or under 3 feet of snow.  As for Cap and Tax – Let’s just say NO!

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What Our Founders Might Say

Why would We let those in Washington do what We the People should Do for Ourselves?

 Sovereignty is something that was highly valued by our Founders – which simply means the Freedom from External Control.

 With this in mind, why would we outsource solving our most important problems to those We don’t want to be controlled by? We need to solve our problems Outside of Washington. We the People, for Ourselves – independent of Politics, need to: 

  1. Select and Properly Frame the Issues/Problems We face
  2. Identify and Allow the Stakeholders to Have Seat at Our Table
  3. Establish an Open Process and set the Agenda for Moving Forward
  4. Post Independent Expert Analysis for Public Review and Comment
  5. Let Congress, Special Interests and Others Argue for What They Want
  6. Have a Fair, Balanced and Open Discourse on What Matters Most
  7. Reach Meaningful Solutions that We the People want for Ourselves
  8. Ask Congress to then write the Bills to Implement Our Solutions
  9. Review, Comment, Edit and Approve the Legislative Drafts
  10. Finally have Congress vote on and the President sign the Bill into Law 

 This is not rocket science and it can be done quickly. There are many good and great people in Washington – most are serving with the right intentions. However, Our System has been hijacked by a few and its time that System is returned to the benefit of the People and Future Generations.

 The answer is NOT to change the way Washington works. This has been the campaign promise of many – but each time, Our hopes are dashed, promises broken and it’s more of the same. 

 The reasons for failure would fill many pages. Yet suffice it to say there are many people, interests and dynamics inside “the Beltway”.  Interview any member of Congress about how they expected DC to be vs. the way it really is – you’ll find there’s a big difference.  Newcomers soon after arrival have their head spun around and dizzily ask, “What just happened?”

 No doubt, those in Washington do feel the burden of responsibility entrusted to them and the frustration and pain of not being able to solve (for whatever reason) the Nation’s biggest problems.  Most in Washington don’t wake up with the Intention to wreck this Country – although a few do have that intention – after a cup of coffee.

 Intentions aside, relying upon those <in Washington> to <change Washington> is like yelling at the guy who’s drowning, telling him to save himself – when We are holding the life ring.

 Creative ideas and solutions can come from out of nowhere and from anywhere. Why would we put boundaries around a Process that might exclude, what could be, the very Best ideas?  The Best ideas could come from a housewife, a laborer, an executive, a child – solutions that could already be part of an existing system within an organization, a company, a state or local Government or somewhere else – or the Best might simply be on a person’s pad of paper – in a drawer.  Without changing the System, how will We know?

 Changing the System starts with the realization that it’s Ours to begin with. Our System was entrusted to us by our Founders and We have a Duty to take it back and make it Work for Us.

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