Mr. President – What Will You Decide?

Please Mr. President make the right decision while there is still time. Make the wrong decision and true healthcare reform will again have to wait.

 Last night in Massachusetts the People sent a clear message and many hope you received it. 

 It would be easy to gloat and say people want Republicans back, however – even most Republicans know, this is not a Republican-Democrat issue. It is about restoring the Balance of Power and bringing some sanity to Washington (maybe for the first time).

 If you remember, Republicans are very capable of heading in the wrong direction too, away from the Will of the People, which is why Democrats have the Power at this time.

 Clearly you must acknowledge that power is being abused and things are not being done as you described in your campaign – or is Glenn Beck right? This was part of your “evil plan” all along?

 In spite of those pulling at your arm or yelling in your ear, I believe you are still at the wheel of the vehicle carrying ALL Democrats and you can immediately pull over and begin to do things differently. 

 Open up the doors, end the back room politics as usual – let those who want a special deal argue for one before the American People.  Make REAL reform happen. Do what the People want. Much can get done before November. 

 Keep going in the same direction, step on the gas – crank out more of the same and for a short time, you may have what you can call a healthcare bill and more government, but it will not be what the People want, it won’t be True Reform and it will be undone – starting last night, continuing on through November and beyond.

 Mr. President, what you’re driving is no match for the train that’s a come’n, just around the bend – with tracks solidly in place and based on certain Principles as described by Our Founders.  Many egos, Republican and Democrat, have been run over by this train.

 I could continue on with more words but if you have the right Spirit in this matter, more words are not necessary – with the wrong spirit, all words won’t matter. 

 Mr. President –  What Will You Decide?

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