Why I Quit Blogging about Healthcare Reform

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 Why I Quit Blogging about Healthcare Reform

 I quit blogging about healthcare reform when I realized it’s not about healthcare reform but instead is a massive government takeover of our personal lives AND those in power are going to do what they’re going to do regardless of reasonable thought or discussion, regardless of what’s Constitutional or right for America and regardless of what “We the People” want, say or do.

 We were promised “Things will be Different”

 Back room deals and buying of votes, demonizing of individuals and industries, thousands of pages written by who knows whom and with what conflicted interest, Congress not reading or knowing what they’re voting for, the public being told there’s transparency while being locked out of the primary discourse on issues affecting them and the lives of ALL Americans, numbers and dollars being thrown around like play money, the hijacking of Individual and State rights, and on and on…

 And it’s not just about DemObamaCare

 Global warming taxes, government takeover of companies, stimulus plans that don’t stimulate and more spending and debt owed to China that our grandkids may never be able to repay, enemy combatants given Constitutional rights, letting down our guard with terrorism,  and the general attitude of WE in Washington know what’s best for every American.

 How Could This Happen?

 How could this happen in such a short period of time?  Don’t we have a system of Checks and Balances?

 Why is it the louder We the People speak, the more we’re ignored and those in Washington continue to take us in the wrong direction?  

Consider this …

 The reason why those elected continue to ignore the Will of the People is not because they have ill-intent for the Country but it’s because they themselves are trapped.  They are trapped on the Obama Bus of Hope and Change that so many boarded when much of the country was caught up in Obama-mania.  Democrats promised to suspend their own voices and even their own critical thinking process and allow those at the front of the Bus to speak for them. They agreed to act and vote as one.

 We elected Mr. Obama and the Bus began to roll.  The speed ramped up quickly:  pass this bill, pass that bill – no time to read them, no time to question – just vote yes! It’s urgent!  We must take action to save this company, that industry, our economy and the world… gotta go – gotta go – go, go, go!

 Many Have Left the Hope and Change Bus

 Although the Bus seems to be speeding out of control, there are still opportunities to safely disembark – except for members of Congress.  As most have learned, just because a bus says HOPE AND CHANGE doesn’t mean it is the hope and change that most people want or that’s best for Our Country. As people have learned this – many have chosen to exit the Bus.

 So Why Not the Democrats in Congress?

 Elected Democrats are occasionally reminded by the Speaker at the front of the Bus that they too are free to leave; but to do so now is at tremendous risk to themselves and their family.  They might be run over by a DNC chase vehicle that follows close behind, not to mention the number of union vans in pursuit and a special interest convoy that stretches back for miles. Surely their careers would be done.  Some on the Bus have persisted to be unruly and asked for and received special deals for their own states but most have decided it’s best to put the noise cancelling headphones back on and ride it out.

 Chuck Norris Alone Can’t Save Us

 How can this runaway vehicle be stopped? Reason won’t work.  Protests and marches haven’t worked.  Calls to Congress seem pointless.  Pleas from Republicans are powerless. Talk radio and TV has had limited effect. It seems that all communication into the Bus is cut off – except the rude acknowledgement of a few protester signs along the way.

 All we hear coming from the crackly Bus speaker is “this has been the most transparent and open process we have ever been a part of”, “we are working hard – fighting for what the people want”, “the language in these bills is so complex we can’t share it with you”, “this Bus has been rolling down the road for many months, so you can’t say we’re trying to rush things through“, “you will continue to receive updates on our wonderful progress in news reports and press announcements to follow”, “Thank-you for your support” – the only thing missing from the speaker is “Would you like fries with that?”

 Power is Vested in Us by Our Founders

 From the Declaration of Independence: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

One does not have to be a student of history to get a sense of what the Founders meant by those words. Webster’s Dictionary can help to shed some light on the meaning – and although the specifics have changed – the principles still apply.

 Usurpations?  Seizing and holding in possession by force or without right. Done by a usurper (you-sir-per).

 Evinces a Design?   To reveal clear evidence of what the true intentions are.

 To Reduce Them?  To lower in condition or status; to diminish in value.

 Under Absolute Despotism?  Power with no restriction and exercised abusively, oppressively, or tyrannically.

 Tyrannically?  Absolute rule that is unrestrained by Law or Constitution.

Tyrant?  A usurper of Sovereignty.

 Sovereignty?  Freedom from external control.

Just a Simple Question to Ask

 Does this (what is being proposed or in place) take us in the direction of more or less Freedom from External Control?

 Ask this question regarding healthcare, global warming, business or industry support, or any other governmental involvement.

A Word on Healthcare Reform here…  

How does it reform the healthcare system to put it (1/6 of our entire economy) under government control with another huge layer of bureaucracy (people and paperwork)?

To put every citizen in a mandatory government program (unless you are part of a privileged group – government employee or union exempt), with fees and fines collected and enforced by the IRS, and having rates not based on risk alone but based on an individual’s assets and ability to pay – as determined by a new agency of the Federal Government. 

Then to make the nation’s healthcare decisions subject to Government budget constraints, controlled by a few distant Government officials – how will these decisions be made and who will be on the short end of the Care?

The Aha Question

 If our Founders felt it was so important to be free from external control – why is it that we look to and wait for solutions from that which we don’t want to be under the external control of – namely the Government? 

 It would be like the early Colonists messaging back to Britain for better farming methods and sitting around waiting for a mandated reply.  Today in this country there are many expert non-partisan groups in almost every area of life that could be called upon to solve our most important problems. Yet what do we do? We leave it up to those in Washington and we wait and watch and wait until nothing gets done again – or – something does get done, to make the situation worse or it’s against our values or whatever. 

 More time and energy is spent obstructing in Washington than trying to get things done. With each new campaign many hope things will change and yet the cycle begins again. More broken promises. Each time though, more and more people have given up on Government they don’t vote and many don’t even care. 

 We need to throw off such Government and to provide new Guards for our future security which includes the security of our children and grand-children.

 Throwing Off Such Government – Today

 In previous times throwing off a Government required a Revolution – today this is done with Our Vote.

The first and foremost priority in 2010 should be to restore the Balance of Power to our Government. 

 Today that means voting out Democrats and voting in Republicans.  Tomorrow the Parties may be reversed.  If you are a Democrat, ask yourself:  Is what’s going on in Washington what the Democrat Party stands for or what’s best for Our Country? If not, help to Restore the Balance of Power to Our System that has been hijacked by a few.

 Second, we need to embrace, apart from politics, what is Best for Our Country that most Americans can agree on. The Foundation is Our Constitution and also being Guided and Sustained from Above. The Parties then can better define what they stand for and nominate those who are qualified.

 Third, we need to demand less from our leaders and more.  Demand less in that we don’t look to them to solve our most important problems.  Problems are best solved away from Washington and closer to home. Demand more in that they put Our Country first. Above the interests of personal or political gains or to benefit a privileged few. That they have a Certain Character and stand on Certain Principles, not just any character or principles but those of our Founders and of other great people.

Martin Luther King’s Dream is Getting Closer

On this Martin Luther King Day, I do believe we’re moving closer to the dream Dr. King expressed with his March on Washington where people will be judged on the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. While many people have never held prejudice in their heart, others have and some have let it go.

 Some would say that in the last Presidential election,  many cast their vote based on skin color alone and ignored answers to some very important questions – if what they say is true – the question here is: Would Dr. King be pleased?  To place someone in a position just because of their race (or gender) so we can prove to ourselves we have “evolved”, demeans the person who is the “tool”.  Where we are though may be necessary to move us another step closer to the Dream.

 Regardless of how or why President Obama was elected, the fact is, he is our President for at least the next three years. After Balance is Restored the President and all in Congress will have more support and get more of the right things done.  The President’s expression and intentions while campaigning, and now ignored, still resonate today.  We must do things differently.

 The words on the Bus – HOPE and CHANGE can remain the same – the direction and speed of the Bus however is Now up to Us.

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