Camp David Topics For Discussion

President Obama will be leaving for a Camp David Retreat soon and because of his busy schedule he probably hasn’t had time to prepare an outline of items to discuss. So we did it for him and although the list includes many items – each is very important. This list is provided in advance to allow for the proper allocation of time and the possible addition of needed staff in order to have a successful retreat. Other items may be added later.

Camp David Topics For Discussion

1 Budgeting 101 – Deficits, Debt and the Effects

2 Using Stimulus Funds to Actually Stimulate

3 How to Use Economic Indicators As Feedback

4 Difference Between Tax Rate and Tax Revenue

5 Lessons In Capitalism and Why It Works

6 The Constitution: A Primer

7 The Proper Limitations of Government

8 Recognizing Mobsters At Town Hall Meetings

9 Speaking the Truth: No Clever Strategy Needed

10 Keeping Promises and Restoring the Public Trust

11 Breaking the Addiction to Special Interest Deals

12 Principles of Transparency: When and When Not to Share

13 Stepping Up: Defending Those Who Defend Us

14 Proper Screening, Accountability and the Use of Czars

15 Real Solutions Without Putting Government At The Center

 16 Success In Allowing Others to Fail: People and Companies

17 Timetable for Dropping the Blame Game: It’s Bush’s Fault



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