I’ve Never Been A Political Man…

Like the Alan Jackson song says, “I’ve never been a political man” but I tell you what – the way the democrats are behaving now, I am ready and willing to become just that – a political man. 

 When a democrat President is elected on the promise of hope and change and  describing in great detail how the health care reform conversation would go and now that he’s in power – he locks the door on the American people; (Source)

When a democrat President makes a promise to end the behind-the-scenes special interest deals and then makes a huge deal with the big drug companies in essence capping their health care reform costs to protect their profits; (Source)

 When a democrat run process releases a 1000+ page bill in the middle of the night to be sped through to a vote without being read and when some say they would like to read it, they’re looked upon as if they’ve sprouted another head; (Source 1 2)

 When the democrats continue to demonize average, ordinary citizens and label them as the worst people in the world and say they’re “un-American”; (Source 1 2)

 When the democrat White House asks that “fishy emails” be sent to them and then emails others who didn’t asked to be emailed; (Source 1 2)

 When a democrat connects a swastika on a sign (before the crime has been investigated) and a racist letter received to how the opposition is framing the health care debate; (Source)

 When democrats hold town halls they’re either on the phone or seem to have a blank stare while repeating to themselves “I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not listening” and later then going out and saying they “are not representative of the American people”. (Source 1 2 3)

 When democrats use one version of the bill (HR3200) as a public punching bag while no democrat will take ownership of it, while 4 or 5 other versions are being crafted in private – again involving special interests and out of the public view; (Source 1 2)

 When democrat packaging techniques are used to “sell the public”, from “HR3200: America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009” (who doesn’t want that?) to the “Health Choices Administration” or the “Health Choices Commissioner” (who wouldn’t be for more health and more choices?), to the changing of the very title of the reform itself: from “Health Care Reform” to “Health Insurance Reform” (care – good and should not change, insurance – bad and in need of reform) and other strategies; (Source 1 2)

 When a democrat says I will vote against my constituents – even if 80% of them are against it – if I (a very large capital “I”) believe it will help them.  (Source)

 When I read the democrat bill to learn that this is not about health care reform at all – yes, it will re-engineer our whole health care system but most importantly it will change the entire way of life for ALL Americans and for this reason alone – I am ready and willing to become a very, very political man.

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