10 Steps Back With Health Care Reform

Instead of discussing the particulars of any health care reform bill that has been crafted behind closed doors, why not take 10 (or more) steps back to ask some basic questions…

 #1  What steps have to be taken to involve the public with the process, to have open and honest debate and to end special interest deals made behind closed doors?

 #2  Besides the public in general, who are the other stakeholders in the health care system and how are their interests being represented and equitably respected?

 #3  What are the things that are right and wrong with the existing health care system and to what extent do we want targeted vs. overall reforms?

 #4  What role do we want government (Federal, State and Local) to play in any health care system and how can reforms be made without adding layers of bureaucracy or sacrificing liberty, privacy or the quality of care?

 #5  What role does economic status play in the ability or inability to access the current health care system and how can or do existing community programs address this?

 #6  How do the numbers break down: number of subgroups of people that do not have health insurance, cost of insurance as percentage of income, costs of reform and so on?

 #7  Since it is not possible for every neighborhood to have a Mayo or Cleveland Clinic and – under any system – some people will be denied access to the BEST care – how are disparities reconciled?

 #8  All health care relies heavily on the judgments of many – the patient, the doctor, the treatment options, the payer (now with the greatest leverage) – by increasing the government’s payer role, where does the added money come from and since it is not possible for ALL patients to get EVERY available treatment, who decides who gets what?

 #9  When the system is strained, how are scarce resources allocated and protection absolutely assured for the disabled, the elderly and others who need care?

 #10  What other questions should we be asking to optimize our health care system?

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