Health Care Reform Is Dead

YES we DO need health care reform. NO we DO NOT need (nor want) the government to take over the entire health care system. We DO NOT need another PR campaign nor to be SOLD something that was (or is being) crafted behind closed doors. We DO NOT need another focus group, town hall meeting, opinion poll, survey or group selected to represent our interests.

 On the campaign trail it was promised that there would be NO MORE “politics as usual” and that the public would have a “seat at the table” regarding health care reform. The PROCESS was to be televised. What are we now getting? Politics as usual.

 The public is LOCKED OUT again and being told by those guarding the door: “No I’m sorry, you can’t peek inside. Only certain people and those special interests chosen are allowed inside. Just trust us. We know what’s good for you and your family.”

 The President and other leaders have the power to take the hinges off the doors on this issue TODAY or just continue in the same old way. The TRUST to deliver the “hope and change” that was promised is eroding by the day – and as far as I’m concerned, until public TRUST is restored, it doesn’t matter what is said, health care reform is dead.

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  1. Well said. Of 15 posts on the health care topic, this grabbed me as best and most succinct statement of the health care debate.

    Keep blogging.

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