The 10 Things We Don’t Want Regarding Health Care Reform


To Whom It May Concern:

First a Disclaimer to those elected who may be reading this:  Receiving more than one copy of this does not mean – I – have not personally thought through each point and feel the same way. If an organized group believes, copies and/or restates (in full or in part) what is written here, it does so on behalf of that group and does not diminish how strongly I may feel.

The 10 Things We Don’t Want Regarding Health Care Reform


#1 We don’t want the government running our healthcare system.

 #2 We don’t want government involved in the health care decisions of our family.

 #3 We don’t want to be manipulated by some political strategy to “buy” what’s being sold.

 #4 We don’t want to be told as individuals, we are just part of some organized group – to make us shut up and go away.

 #5 We don’t want to be judged by the bad behavior of a few – whoever they are.

 #6 We don’t want those elected to represent only those with whom they agree and ignore (or treat badly) the rest.

 #7 We don’t want any more (people or organizations) demonized for what might be wrong with the existing system.

 #8 We don’t want to be denied any longer our promised “seat at the table” without televised coverage of the process.

 #9 We don’t want this or any other health care bill that is crafted behind closed doors.

 #10 We don’t want to talk specifics about any bill until trust in the process is restored.


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