Watch for the “Bait and Switch” or “Shell Game” Strategy

I have not read the official playbook but here is what seems to be another strategy that may be playing out called the Bait and Switch or Shell Game Strategy – not sure, but watch and listen for it.

 It works this way:

 Release a document to the public – in this case, the draft of a bill.

  1. Announce that there are numerous versions (of the bill) floating around – not all are public (of course because they’re being worked on).
  2. Announce that these are “working drafts” and that no one has yet signed on to any particular one.
  3. Let the public and the opposition hash out (and attack) the good and the bad of the public bill – revise the behind-the-scenes bill(s) as necessary and draft rebuttals.
  4. Announce that progress is being made on the bills and that they are moving through the process – without referring to a specific bill – also announce milestone votes.
  5.  When people criticize a particular part of the bill – stop them and ask which version they are talking about – when they can’t tell you, move on to something else or say, “that’s not in the current or latest version”.
  6. When the timing is right (especially when something else is happening in the news cycle), strategically release the final bill and quickly move it to a vote.
  7. Remember the goal is to get something passed – it can get amended and expanded later – the public has a short memory.

 President Obama promised the public a seat at the health care reform table. The proceedings were to be televised. Things were not to be politics as usual. Certain special interest groups have had access but the public is still locked out. Some want to silence the voices of ordinary citizens.  Something as far-reaching as the government overhaul of the healthcare system that reaches into the private lives of every citizen, needs to be public.

See the CBS News Article: 

 Transparency Lacking in Health Care Reform Battle

 Release of the behind-the-scenes documents to this point and open the doors to the public from this point on. I believe the word is transparency – not transparency after it’s done, transparency while it’s being done. Ask your representative(s) for this to be done.

 Other strategies you might not know about, can be found here

 Read the Bill – Make Some Calls – Get Involved

Shortlink to Article:

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