The Fastest Way to Get Rid of Private Insurance

The fastest way to get rid of private insurance is to make the Health Choices Commissioner in charge of both the government’s plan and the private insurers. The Commissioner would have the power to regulate, audit, charge fees to, fine and sanction the private insurers.  It would be like giving the Post Office the power to oversee, regulate, fine and sanction FedEx and UPS…  


 When the feedback and complaints about the government’s plan go to the “Qualified Health Benefits Plan Ombudsman” (like to see that on a business card) – who is appointed by the Health Choices Commissioner, what are the chances that the QHBPO is going to report to the boss – the people are saying, “The government plan stinks” when the Commissioner who appointed him or her, is the one who runs the program that stinks?

 Lastly – an update…

 Here is the .jpg image that was attached to the “fishy” email mentioned in a previous post.


Proposed Healthcare Structure

Proposed Healthcare Structure

From my reading of the bill, it seems ALL people are appointed directly or indirectly by President Obama and to me this is fishy and doesn’t seem like a reasonable way to structure an overhaul of a system that affects so many people. Am I wrong?

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