My Hope and How I Was Changed

At times I have dug a pretty deep hole for myself but fortunately the holes I’ve dug were never in the shape of a grave. No matter how deep I was, I have always known where my Creator placed the, just long enough, rope ladder to begin the climb out and I’m thankful for that. Many times people have shouted and with the best intentions told me, how to raise myself up. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve found, that the best way up and to the place where the view’s the best, is via that old reliable rope ladder.

 My hope for all has been that each person would find their own reliable rope ladder and raise themselves up. My belief as to how this is done however has changed. I have come to realize that just because someone is not already on their own way up, it is not always because they are lazy or just want a free handout. I used to think, “if they would just get a job, their problems would be solved”.  Now I know sometimes it’s not that simple.

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