How Clearly Can We Say It – We Don’t Want Government Run Health Care

Imagine waking up tomorrow and finding Uncle Sam sleeping next to you. As much as you may love this country, this would be a surprise. Upon waking he tells you that he will be living with you from now on but you will like it and he will make life easier for you.

 You get up to find he’s rearranged your whole house and when you don’t appreciate what he’s done, HE gets angry and says YOU are crazy. You open the fridge to find he’s gone shopping and paid using your debit card to buy things he thinks you will like and that are healthy for you. You ask him to leave but he won’t, he goes on to tell you that this is what’s best for you, things will be fine. The doorbell rings and they’re his friends – they’ve come over to calm you down and sell you on the plan…

 There are numerous health care bills/plans floating around.  No matter if you wake up with Uncle Sam sleeping next to you or in the other room, the way the rest of the story plays out is the same and it is nothing compared to the massive personal freedom and family privacy that will be given up under government run health care. 

 Read the Bill – Make Some Calls – Get Involved.

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