All People Opposing HC Bill Connected to an Insurance Company


 Not to question the Speaker’s intentions but she seems to be using a strategy that’s been used before: 

  1. Generalize and place ALL the opposition into one group.
  2. Label that group as one behind ALL the opposition – the insurance industry.
  3. Demonize the group – make the group out to be the big, bad faceless (immoral) one responsible for ALL that is wrong with the current system.
  4. After defining the enemy in 1 thru 3, make statements like, “This is what – we – are fighting against”.
  5. Ignore the legitimate concerns people have – because they aren’t people at all – they’re a coordinated effort by the insurance companies.
  6. Make pro/supportive general statements like, “this is what people want”.
  7. Lastly satisfy the other “behind-the-scenes” special interests, whatever it takes to get the bill pushed through the committees and to a vote as quickly as possible.

 I am not sure how many people reading this are affiliated with an insurance company – I  am not.  I too have a few problems with the way my insurance company does things.


 People have blindly gone along with the “Just trust us…” long enough.

 We have a right to know what’s in the bill, how much it will cost and how it will affect our families – we also have a right to know WHO the other special interest groups are behind various parts of the bill and what they’re pushing.

 There should be full disclosure regarding the behind the scenes documents – something probably neither Democrat nor Republican leaders want.

See previous post:

Make the Behind the Scenes Health Care Reform Documents Public

The MSNBC (edit: Washington Post) article rightly states: 

Like Sausage-Making, Health Reform Is Messy …

 Most people don’t want to see how the (pork) sausage is made in the butcher shop but when they learn this is what they and their family will be eating for a very long time, they probably will wish they had paid a little closer attention as to what went into it.

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