Make the Behind the Scenes Health Care Reform Documents Public

Having been personally involved in writing specifications and regulatory changes on committees in the past, I know a little about the process.

Every proposed clause has an author and a rationale, a reason, for its adoption.

Those on the committee know and take into consideration the source and know their biases, the agenda they might be pushing and so on.

Why you might ask:

Other than for partisan reasons, why would the committee allow someone with a blatant bias to be on the committee? One reason is they may have expertise in a particular area, that others on the committee don’t have, in order to write the language of a particular section.

Members have an understanding they need to check their conflicts of interest at the door while doing their work, but in their mind they know who pays them to be there.

We all have biases and many of us are blindly driven by them. In order to have a more intelligent debate on this most important issue we need to see what is now a secret.

In fairness to all of us who sincerely want a better system (as apposed to just winning on an issue), lets open the doors to that which has been kept behind closed doors for way too long.

We should demand from our leaders to: Make the Behind the Scenes Health Care Reform Documents Public

For each passage of text the public needs to know: who authored it, their affiliation, the rationale, cost, effect, etc.

One final note:

We should not be intimidated by the bill’s 1,000+ pages. Nor the 10,000+ pages this demand may result in. The text was not written by one person nor does it have to be reviewed by one person. There is a lot at stake here – the changing of an “or” to an “and” can cost Billions – and we’re far from the point of looking at individual words.


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